Inventius Technologies gets associated with TrapX, Global Leader in Deception Technology for India region

Inventius Technologies Private Limited, a fast growing solution distributor from India; adds one more exciting solution to it’s portfolio; TrapX.

TrapX is the world leader in Cyber Deception Technology.

Our association with TrapX is a part of our sign up with Lione Consulting.  As a part of this agreement, Inventius Technologies will act as India region distributor for TrapX Security’s Deception Grid solution.

Inventius Technologies since it’s emergence, has been focused towards introducing innovative next generation technologies to the Indian market. With our past experience & exposure to cyber security & compliance space, and ever evolving security awareness and compliance posture of Indian industries; we are really fascinated to get aligned with leading Deception vendors like TrapX.

Deception market in India has been growing @ rapid pace over last couple of years. We have been coming across opportunities in the past which we were dropping due to lack of solution. Association with TrapX now enables us to address those business opportunities & at the same time, better serve our channel partners and their enterprise customers’ needs.

TrapX has created a new generation of deception technology that provides real-time breach detection and prevention. TrapX takes a 3 tier approach to deception. It looks into endpoints, network  layer as well as application layer. Unlike other Deception tools; false positive ratio with TrapX Deception Grid is near zero; which makes it the most trusted Deception solution. Creating and deploying thousands of decoys and tokens is remarkably easy & quick with TrapX, compare to any other solution. TrapX also automates incident response workflows based on real-world attempts. TrapX thus protects your real assets, improves alert accuracy,  and contain the breach. These and many more features like these, make TrapX Deception Grid, obvious choice for large enterprises and most recommended brand by Gartner.

I’m sure, introduction of TrapX in the Indian market; will assist many of the Indian CISOs in their decision making process. They now get the most trusted & reliable Deception solution available locally. With our set of skilled SIs & consulting partners; meeting customers’ technology & service level expectations should not be a concern at all.

With TrapX, now we are all set to Trap Mr. X; whose trying to attack your enterprise.

  • Vikas Chalke


Great time with Jonathan @ The Bombay Canteen!!

During his recent short trip to India, Jonathan Fussner, COO for Systancia; spent a business day with team Inventius and our key channel partners.

With recent acquisitions; Systancia strengthen it’s security portfolio. Solutions like SSOX (Single Sign-On), Hpliance (Identity & Access Management) and IPdiva Safe (Priviledged Access Management) makes Systancia a very strong contender in the space of Cyber Security & Compliance.

Systancia’s solutions are highly stable, feature rich, scale-able and redundant. Prestigious global customers like Allianz, Volkswagen, Rolex, KLM airport confirms robustness of Systancia’s solution offerings and support system.

Jonathan’s visit to India; confirmed Systancia’s increasing business interest in Indian market and it’s ever enhancing business association with Inventius Technologies.

With the recent growth in digitization, online transactions and improving compliance posture of Indian industries, we @ Inventius are equally excited and positive about our association with Systancia and assured about success.

  • Team Inventius

Inventius Technologies – your partner to design & execute your mission critical technology projects ..

Increasing incidences of application & system failures during recent times across India; really raised a question in the minds of common people as well as IT enthusiasts, whether we really prepare ourselves rightly for the big occasions?

Digitization drive from Indian government is really going at a great pace & almost all the major administrative & governance systems are either already digitized or are getting digitized. This is really required for India to bridge the gap between us & western world.

While we move from paper driven or offline systems to fully online & self-service systems, it is very important that we consider & prepare ourselves well for factors like user experience, performance, availability, security, secrecy & redundancy.

Recent incidences of system failures @ crucial times highlighted the fact that; we are still not preparing ourselves well enough to successfully completing our tasks or projects. It is been observed in both corporate as well as government segments. Whether it is instance of portal failure on the day of online launch of particular mobile device model; or it is online result delivery of educational boards, online admission processes; or slowdown of online GST registration systems; these are all examples of our negligence and reluctance only.

Most of us believe that systems can be improved with time & experience; and hence we don’t really put enough efforts to prepare ourselves for crucial projects & timelines in advance. Many of us even try to save cost while preparing for most important systems; forgetting the fact that we can’t afford to put success of crucial project at stake for minor cost saving. We got best of technologies available around us to ensure success; but still we avoid use of those for cost saving & use some free tools or average performing resources; and then hope for best results.

It’s time for us to act more alert & proactive in our solution designing & execution.

We @ Inventius Technologies believe in offering suite of such pre-emptive solutions which assists organizations in designing & executing their mission critical projects to ensure success. Our solutions ranging from Application performance testing, project management dashboard, application delivery, access security, DCIM, to compliance & governance are must to consider & best for any organization. Most of the solutions offered by Inventiustech are either from Gartner quadrant or are cutting edge, next generation technology solutions.

In case you need any assistance from our team in designing or executive any project; do feel free to revert to us.





“When I became a father, I wanted every child to live in a world where the ‘safe internet’ is a normal experience, free from threats to impressionable young minds. These aspirations drive the direction of FlashStart.”

– Founder and CEO: Mr. Francesco Collini

Get proactive in scaling your applications before crisis

With the increasing digitization in India, load on Indian banking & online payment systems has been growing exponentially. Many of the systems has been facing transaction slowness issues. Vendors has been blaming sluggish networks for the delays caused. But frankly speaking, is sluggish network the only reason behind slow transactions or transaction failures? Not really!

In the recent times it’s observed that, on most of the occasions performance lack is due to application, hardware or end point related issues more than the network level issues. And organizations traditionally try to first check their network status whenever they receive performance complains and waste their crucial time, business and market credibility. But are we really monitoring all the involved technology aspects to ensure that our application takes the increased load with out any hassles?

It’s time for us to really become proactive in monitoring, identifying and addressing our applications needs and challenges well in advance, in order to ensure business continuity and help organization improve it’s brand value. Proactive approach can really turn these crucial times into opportunities for IT teams. And today’s IT leaders are certainly alert and prompt enough to grab such opportunities.

Reflective’s StressTester and Sentinel are really interesting and apt solutions to look for in these circumstances. StressTester is one of the leading and cost effective Application Performance Testing tool which is been used by global giants like Vodafone, Prudential, AIG, AXA, TNT, etc. whereas Sentinel is one of most simplified and comprehensive Application Performance Monitoring Solution from Reflective Software. Sentinel provides a single dashboard to observe health & performance of all required parameters and also provides preemptive alerts to team; which enables them to proactively scale necessary parameters and ensure smooth and hassle free operations.

StressTester and Sentinel can really assist application and IT teams to proactively and rightly react to this demanding situation and reassert it’s value addition to the business.

  • Team Inventius

Inventius Technologies launches Lead Generation Campaign 2017

Inventius Technologies announces launch of it’s Lead Generation Campaign for 2017.

As a scope of this campaign, organization is planning a multidimensional approach to promote it’s solution offerings to Indian enterprises and channel partners.

In order to meet business expectations of our technology partners, it is important for Team Inventius to build substantial funnel for each solution; and JFM is the best quarter for this campaign; as most of the Indian business houses define their IT procurement plans for the next Fiscal Year during JFM. Also it’s a time of the year when system integrator decide their portfolio of offerings for the next business year.

In order to reach to the target market, team Inventius is working on multiple platforms; right from LinkedIn, Twitter, Face Book, Google to Email, Whatsapp, webinars, tele-marketing, etc. Being a young company we strongly believe in online media & tools for lead generation.  Successful launch and execution of this campaign shall set the pace for us for the new Fiscal.

Core objective of this campaign is to meet and exceed expectation of our technology and SI partners and establish Inventius Technologies as a truly value added Solution Distributor in the country. We would like to assist our SI partners by sharing qualified leads with them. This shall enable us to achieve mutual growth and strenghthen our business association with them. We are quit confident that our GTM strategies and business ethics shall help us build a strong and positive market image.

  • Team Inventius