Get proactive in scaling your applications before crisis

With the increasing digitization in India, load on Indian banking & online payment systems has been growing exponentially. Many of the systems has been facing transaction slowness issues. Vendors has been blaming sluggish networks for the delays caused. But frankly speaking, is sluggish network the only reason behind slow transactions or transaction failures? Not really!

In the recent times it’s observed that, on most of the occasions performance lack is due to application, hardware or end point related issues more than the network level issues. And organizations traditionally try to first check their network status whenever they receive performance complains and waste their crucial time, business and market credibility. But are we really monitoring all the involved technology aspects to ensure that our application takes the increased load with out any hassles?

It’s time for us to really become proactive in monitoring, identifying and addressing our applications needs and challenges well in advance, in order to ensure business continuity and help organization improve it’s brand value. Proactive approach can really turn these crucial times into opportunities for IT teams. And today’s IT leaders are certainly alert and prompt enough to grab such opportunities.

Reflective’s StressTester and Sentinel are really interesting and apt solutions to look for in these circumstances. StressTester is one of the leading and cost effective Application Performance Testing tool which is been used by global giants like Vodafone, Prudential, AIG, AXA, TNT, etc. whereas Sentinel is one of most simplified and comprehensive Application Performance Monitoring Solution from Reflective Software. Sentinel provides a single dashboard to observe health & performance of all required parameters and also provides preemptive alerts to team; which enables them to proactively scale necessary parameters and ensure smooth and hassle free operations.

StressTester and Sentinel can really assist application and IT teams to proactively and rightly react to this demanding situation and reassert it’s value addition to the business.

  • Team Inventius