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Increasing incidences of application & system failures during recent times across India; really raised a question in the minds of common people as well as IT enthusiasts, whether we really prepare ourselves rightly for the big occasions?

Digitization drive from Indian government is really going at a great pace & almost all the major administrative & governance systems are either already digitized or are getting digitized. This is really required for India to bridge the gap between us & western world.

While we move from paper driven or offline systems to fully online & self-service systems, it is very important that we consider & prepare ourselves well for factors like user experience, performance, availability, security, secrecy & redundancy.

Recent incidences of system failures @ crucial times highlighted the fact that; we are still not preparing ourselves well enough to successfully completing our tasks or projects. It is been observed in both corporate as well as government segments. Whether it is instance of portal failure on the day of online launch of particular mobile device model; or it is online result delivery of educational boards, online admission processes; or slowdown of online GST registration systems; these are all examples of our negligence and reluctance only.

Most of us believe that systems can be improved with time & experience; and hence we don’t really put enough efforts to prepare ourselves for crucial projects & timelines in advance. Many of us even try to save cost while preparing for most important systems; forgetting the fact that we can’t afford to put success of crucial project at stake for minor cost saving. We got best of technologies available around us to ensure success; but still we avoid use of those for cost saving & use some free tools or average performing resources; and then hope for best results.

It’s time for us to act more alert & proactive in our solution designing & execution.

We @ Inventius Technologies believe in offering suite of such pre-emptive solutions which assists organizations in designing & executing their mission critical projects to ensure success. Our solutions ranging from Application performance testing, project management dashboard, application delivery, access security, DCIM, to compliance & governance are must to consider & best for any organization. Most of the solutions offered by Inventiustech are either from Gartner quadrant or are cutting edge, next generation technology solutions.

In case you need any assistance from our team in designing or executive any project; do feel free to revert to us.