Inventius Technologies gets associated with TrapX, Global Leader in Deception Technology for India region

Inventius Technologies Private Limited, a fast growing solution distributor from India; adds one more exciting solution to it’s portfolio; TrapX.

TrapX is the world leader in Cyber Deception Technology.

Our association with TrapX is a part of our sign up with Lione Consulting.  As a part of this agreement, Inventius Technologies will act as India region distributor for TrapX Security’s Deception Grid solution.

Inventius Technologies since it’s emergence, has been focused towards introducing innovative next generation technologies to the Indian market. With our past experience & exposure to cyber security & compliance space, and ever evolving security awareness and compliance posture of Indian industries; we are really fascinated to get aligned with leading Deception vendors like TrapX.

Deception market in India has been growing @ rapid pace over last couple of years. We have been coming across opportunities in the past which we were dropping due to lack of solution. Association with TrapX now enables us to address those business opportunities & at the same time, better serve our channel partners and their enterprise customers’ needs.

TrapX has created a new generation of deception technology that provides real-time breach detection and prevention. TrapX takes a 3 tier approach to deception. It looks into endpoints, network  layer as well as application layer. Unlike other Deception tools; false positive ratio with TrapX Deception Grid is near zero; which makes it the most trusted Deception solution. Creating and deploying thousands of decoys and tokens is remarkably easy & quick with TrapX, compare to any other solution. TrapX also automates incident response workflows based on real-world attempts. TrapX thus protects your real assets, improves alert accuracy,  and contain the breach. These and many more features like these, make TrapX Deception Grid, obvious choice for large enterprises and most recommended brand by Gartner.

I’m sure, introduction of TrapX in the Indian market; will assist many of the Indian CISOs in their decision making process. They now get the most trusted & reliable Deception solution available locally. With our set of skilled SIs & consulting partners; meeting customers’ technology & service level expectations should not be a concern at all.

With TrapX, now we are all set to Trap Mr. X; whose trying to attack your enterprise.

  • Vikas Chalke