Trap the intruder before damage – with TrapX..

Increasing cases of data thefts and fraudulent transaction scams has been on the rise in the recent years. With the recent introduction of data regulations and increasing awareness about value of data assets;  legal & business impact of such instances has grown multi-fold.

In such high risk market conditions, it is very important that we use best of breed technologies to negotiate with any such attacks before it really damages our business.

One of the best alert & preventive technology to avoid such scenarios is Deception, Deception is somewhat similar to “Chakravyuha” of Mahabharat yug. It’s a well designed, pre-configured, highly complex and almost impossible to break trap. Unlike Chakravyuha, deception tool attracts intruders towards itself by feeding tokens and keep it indulged until source / origin is identified and quarantined & systems are patched.

TrapX the world leader in Deception technology offers Deception Grid 6.2, the most advance & effective solution to prevent intruder attacks. TrapX is one of most easy to deploy deception tool which can create a virtual mine field for cyber attacks in a short time span. TrapX Deception Grid works on a 3 tier approach of “detect, deceive & defeat”.

Deception Grid from TrapX offers arguably the best defense environment to protect your real assets and contain the breach.

Feel free to reach us in case you wish to protect your data assets and prevent breach  in time.


  • Vikas Chalke